Our kitchen is busy daily producing sweets and treats! For on-site event catering, or to discuss purchasing a cake for your own at home event, please use the contact form provided with your cakes desires.

Create your own cakes - We have designs for all occasions and can mix and match designs for any awesome event . If you can't find what you're looking for then contact our team and we'll be happy to help. 


To help us bake you the cake you desire, please forward any images that resemble the cake to cakes@thewhitehousegisborne.nz

Please provide your name as a reference along with the cake order form below.

Please note: Must make a 50% non-refundable payment on date of order and please indicate if cake is being transported out of town.

Please allow us at least a weeks' notice for your customized  (bigger) cakes.

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Date for pick up (closed on Mondays)
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